Our Air Conditioning services

SCMT installs air conditioning systems in the following areas : tertiary sector, industry, business,  liberal professions and residential housing.  When it comes to building complex facilities, our technicians will be with you through the entire process.
Our values ​​of commitment :

Closeness and ability to listen, with satisfaction surveys using scoring grids.

The expertise via the annual training plan for technicians in order to ensure the mastery of all equipment.

Response times guaranteed in accordance with the degree of impact on the security of property and people.

Availability of facilities with a guarantee that the repairs will be made within a set time.

The sustainability of the equipment with the guarantee that the features and performance at the end of the contract are identical to those of the baseline conditions.

Optimisation of the services with a meeting commitment before the end of each fiscal year.

Transparency in contracts, hourly rates, coefficients.

Full security for each service according to current standards and regulations.

Two workers inspecting ventilation system