Presentation of SCMT Group

Established in 2011 SCMT group is a privileged partner of the leading brands in professional air conditioning. It develops a service integration strategy to fully meet global customer demands regardless of the size of the enterprise.

With two main agencies in Ile de France  and in the PACA region, SCMT offers a local service and total responsiveness in all its interventions. According to  our experience in the field of air conditioning we can work on all types of industrial or specific projects   across the country and in neighbouring countries.

The group has a real estate of 600m² for its offices, 1600m² for storage and a fleet of light  and two-wheeled vehicles that adapt to different intervention needs. In 2013 the SCMT group employs more than 25 skilled employees and features a total of 350 client sites with an air conditioned floor space ranging in size from 300 to 10 000 m².