SCMT Air Conditioning

SCMT Air is a subsidiary of SCMT group, specialised in cooling/heating services and technical maintenance of existing equipment. As general contractor, SCMT installs air conditioning equipment and provides preventive as well as curative maintenance services.   At all stages of the installation, our technicians guarantee the quality of services offered, by their knowledge of trades associated with air conditioning : fluid and air handling technology, plumbing, electricity , etc.
SCMT is approved for fluid handling by Bureau Veritas : Registration Certificate  Article 4 of Decree No. 92-1271 of 7 December 1992 registered as n°. 77DAIDD -2008 / 016. SCMT is working  in compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations and current EU regulations banning the use of CFCs and HCFCs that deplete the Ozone Layer ozone and is also contributing to the sustainability of facilities.